Winter is different in every country right? So today I am showing you Winter Outfit Ideas for EVERY COUNTRY! So wether you need warm or cold winter outfit ideas, we’ve got it in this winter lookbook!



Haley's Corner says:

Quick Disclaimers ❣️❣️❣️
1) Yes I’m aware I mentioned states and they aren’t countries but I have so many viewers from different places in the US with different weather so I still wanted to show the varieties ☺️
2) If my screenshot of the weather isn’t accurate of the typical weather where you live please understand I just based these outfits based on my weather app for one specific day! 😅
3) Don’t be hurt if your country was not mentioned! I’m so lucky to have viewers from all over so I’ll defiantly be making this a series! Comment where you live below 👇🏻 and I’ll do my best to include it 🤗
4) This was just a a fun way to show a variety of outfits so feel free to get inspo and alter these for the weather of where you live 💛

xx love you guys and thanks for watching!

Aina Moreno Salguero says:

Any spanish people here or just me🇪🇸😂😂 Our winter really depends on the zone but in mine it gets cold, but nothing compared to Canada sooo…

Beluchi Okeke says:

haleyyy, i would love it if could u do alberta, Canada. it usually gets to – 20° C

Bella B says:

Lol I live in S.A so when she said there summers aren’t that hot I was like bro, it gets to almost 50 degrees here😂😂-Australia

F.K. Erkelenz says:

Any I'm from Berlin.. but currently in Michigan haha

Miss Phantom 16 says:

Just for everyone's safety, wear a shit ton of sun screen when going to the Ph. Also, I would suggest just wearing sneakers instead of boots because the Philppine weather will make your feet sweat so much.

Giovanna Krettli says:

BRASÍLIA? mano ela colocou sertanejo de fundo

Giovanna Krettli says:

I’m from Massachusetts 😹 freakin cold almost the whole year

Sabine Liisa Pärn says:

I am SO sorry to tell you this but no one is going out when it's -5 C and icy in heels you're gonna break your neck. This is just for the next time when doing a similar video. I really appreciate this idea tho. Hope no one thinks this is a hate comment.

Scarlett Nkeng says:

In germany we have -11

Fabiana A. says:

Idk how you guys don’t freeze! I’m from Brazil 🇧🇷 now it is 10°C and I have 3 coats on

alanna grace says:

Bruh I liked all of them except the Australia one and I’m aussie.

It’s summer in december, January and February, that’s why its hot! Doi

So therefor it’s winter in June July and August. IT GETS COLD YO! I mean not as cold but like, we ain’t wearing cropped hoodies by themselves like what

genuine amethyst says:

Hey close a couple hour drive away( listowel )

Lynnae Arredondo says:

The black sock boots are not linked correctly! Can’t find them 😭

Alexander Thach says:

Im from New Zealand, and like Australia, December, January and February is stinking hot!!

Rachael Collins says:

in Texas I literally just wear a hoodie all winter 😂. the outfit was v cute though

Sxrraahh says:

I’m from California 🌴

Samir Mayekar says:

Hey lots of love from India

fox_hollow says:


… temperature in Florida is similar to summer weather in my country

Ebony rose says:

With Australia (and probably the other countries in the Southern Hemisphere) you where using and talking about summer because our seasons are the opposite, also it can get up to like 40 c so it can get quite hot but yeah December January and February are summer not winter
Btw no hate I get you were just using your weather app from when you were filming

molly xox says:

I knew she’d skip Ireland aha

Edwin Lozarito Allado Jr says:

Hi.. Haley.. I am from Philippines, how could you wear if you want to go our country? .. Our season are rainy and summer.. I love all your videos..

Sam Cox says:

23º and shes wearing a puff jacket. wtf

Giovanna Moi says:

hey, just look out that countries in the southern hemisphere have their seasons changed, so when its winter for you its summer for us, and when its fall for you its spring for us. Love from Brazil 🙂

Hanna Zima says:

Hello, i hope you make this year the same video 😍 I live in Czech Republic and we dont have too much sunny and hot weather 😩😁😁 love you’re videos 🙏🏻👌💝

Annabelle Turcot says:

I'm from Montreall. Je suis québécoise!!Thank you for this amazing video.💋

Ana Sousa says:

You missed Portugal! Still loved the outfits ❤️

Viktoria Balog says:

I'm from Hungary! Is there anybody here from my country?

Mayet Kulot says:

I thought you will never mention Philippines even it is so hot here like most of the time 😅😍😍 Oh My Gosh! I'm such a huge fan of yours!😘 I also love thrifting. I always always watch your videos! Lots of love from the Philippines!! 💞💕😍😘

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