Winter Sports – People Are Awesome 2018

Winter Sports – People Are Awesome 2018

What season is it in your country right now? It’s winter over here and we’re taking full advantage of it! If you love snow sports, this is the compilation for you. It’s not just skiing and snowboarding, we’ve got a few surprises in there for you too!

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Google1 User says:

Do video in German please. English totally SUCKS !

Connor McCarthy says:

Steep looks awesome

gavrilo pricip says:

Great to see so much money being spent on spoiled rich white people too go round in round in a circle or down hill on an event the only people on the planet care about are the participants and the family members forced to humour them and watch that boring anti-spectacle !!! Super great all this money,chemicals ,energy,electricity,resources are consumed in a big “fuck you “ to the environment for such an obscenely frivolous waste of time !!! The Winter Olympics have nothing to do with talent and everything to do with waisting millions of dollars while people are starving in the streets !! (Do you ever wonder if sports scientists/engineers/physicians ever feel bad they could be using there knowledge to advance humanity instead of ultimately just conning and distracting idiots to stare at advertisements every 4 years??)

blerim hysa says:

2:18 stephen amell

Axel Söderberg says:

Jesper tjäder left the chat

Wilson Lewis says:

Legit definition of steep

Oskar says:

Notice how there were more skiers than snowboarders…

Jack Crowder says:

3:00 so many ways that can go wrong that i class that shit as lucky

Marc Lucas says:

So hyped for winter now

Davide Integlia says:

the name of the sky boots at 1:30?

Unkown Name says:

Why don't they do back flips when ice skating more often, thats amazing!

treideca44 says:

Woaaa … Skiers are incredible

autumn says:

I love watching these videos

j r says:

do a longer winter compillation please

Kien Warren says:

the music sucks

Maxi Kleine says:

Heyyy from Germany ✌🏻🇩🇪

Kyle w says:

Are you the same producers as fail army or nah

Ben Harnden says:

The second trick is so insane backflip 180 frontflip 180

Inderruheliegtdiekraft says:

Could have been better some ski tricks were easy

SnoDawg says:

Music is so damn annoying

Karine Soula says:

Nice vid. Just turn sound off before watching.

Stephan Ledl says:

Best Video i have seen!

NerdyOlive b says:

Cool bro like 👍👊

Tensolin01 says:

Oh now winter sports. At least you pay attention to comments.


Hello i remember u from euroweek:)

infowareng says:

That was awesome 💞👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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