Women’s Figure Skating LIVE Replay | PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics | Go Figure!

Women’s Figure Skating LIVE Replay | PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics | Go Figure!

Go Figure! 48 hours of non-stop Figure Skating on the Olympic Visit the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end.



Angel says:

as an aussie, i dont even want to watch the aussie. where are alina and evgenia pls

Jero says:

Bummer…Where was the Legend Queen Kim Yu-na? If anyone could truly bring beauty and grace and class to the Ice to PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics last year would of been her? After the 2014 Sochi games where Kim Yu-na was criminally "ROBBED" By an unknown ameture to this day that i no longer watch sports after that scandal!

Vkook_ Foreveryoung says:


E. P. says:

where is the best part?? where are the Russians ?

WhyamIHere 67777 says:


Møønlit Dxrkness says:

these girls have full on inspired me to start ice skating like my anime idol.

Rosalina 90 says:

It was so fantastic when during London 2012 livestreamed and archived everything, why didn't they continue!

Sodapop246 8 says:

Okay, this is kinda petty, but since the games in Vancouver maybe even Turin, the PA announcer has always sounded so robotic..I wish they would do what they used to do where usually someone from the country would announce the skaters and scores to make everything a bit more interesting!!

미군, 한국 여성을 자유롭게 강간. says:

Southern Korean cheats again with help of ref? That makes sense, like 2002 World Cup, southern korean is king of cheating in the world!

Shining Shang says:

Unfortunately it is not possible for you

jennyann salinas says:

i like it so much

Gloria Deliciosa says:

this is RIGHT NOW?

Luz S. says:

It's the second time I see the Elizabet Tursynbaeva's Olympic Free Skating and I cried again like the first time.

Conchita Villaflor says:

Amazing job, I loved it

Pako Paez says:

i want to see the last group… as everybody

Am I Wrong? says:

Im waiting for the rest videos of the mens, you report every other video, then do your job and upload them

paranormal lazivity says:


Minnie Pie says:

Whenever the commentator kept pointing out errors and jump flaws i was like "well bish u try doing that yourself and then talk about others!!"😂

Krishna akula says:

who won the gold? I hope it is Elizabeth Tursunbyeva!

Hanting Chen says:

Where are the rest???

Anna Pinkos says:

Sorta wish they showed Slovakia 🇸🇰

Waras Ayobi says:

Send. Me fat

taccora says:

I remember watching this and thinking, I wished Yuna Kim held off on retirement one more cycle so she could have represented South Korea in this Olympics.

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